ILO TV Universal Remote Codes & Setup Guide

ilo-tv-universal-remote-codesILO is one of the most famous brands of electronics. Each appliance has its own remote control. But if you want to feel relaxed or enjoy it with ILO TV, then Universal Remote Control is the best choice for you because you can manage multiple devices by one remote while sitting in one place.

In order to use this remote, you need to enter specific ILO TV Universal Remote Codes.

Here you will find all the codes along with complete instructions. You can manage multiple devices, such as DVDs, TVs, and satellite dishes.


GE & One-For-All Codes for ILO TV


4 Digit Universal Remote Codes for ILO TV


5 Digit Universal Remote Codes for ILO TV


RCA ILO TV Universal Remote Codes


ILO TV Universal Remote Codes for Directv


Philips ILO TV Universal Remote Codes



How To Program ILO TV Universal Remote

Basically, there are 3 main ways of controlling a universal remote. However, at first, we provided an official method for controlling ILO devices. This method should be followed first and after that, alternative methods can be applied.

  • Switch On the device.
  • Press and Hold the SEL and TV buttons just for 3 seconds, once you press the button the light will flash.
  • Now enter the (3 digits, 4 digit, or 5 digits) code.
  • Once you enter the code, press the Volume + button to check the remote.
  • It should “Turn on the TV”.
  • Press the TV button, The remote has been stored your code if the light will blink twice.

How to Program ILO TV Universal Remote With Auto Search

As part of the Auto search process, all codes will be automatically scanned. Only one code is going to be scanned to find the right code. The instructions below will help you understand how to do this.

  • TURN ON the system which you want to control with a universal remote.
  • Click the device button only for 3 seconds. The Led Light will flash which means the system is ready to program.
  • Take the remote towards the device and press the CH+ and Ch- keys
  • On and OFF signals will appear.
  • Enter UP or Down keys, the system will turn off.
  • By pressing the Power key you check if the code is working correctly.
  • Change the channel on the remote to see if it is programmed correctly.
  • Enter the DEVICE button for saving the code.LED light shows that the code has been stored.

How to Program ILO TV Universal Remote With Manual Method

It is a keycode that indicates the make and model of the system, and we can use it to find our codes and manage our devices quickly. The instructions are as follows:

  • Switch On the device.
  • Select ILO TV with a universal remote.
  • Hold and Press the Setup button, after that the LED Light will Flash.
  • Enter the keycode that you got from the programming guide.
  • After that, take your remote in the direction of the Tv and press the Power button.
  • Finally, Once you Tap the Power Button the Tv will turn off.
  • Now you can release the power button.

Make sure now your system is perfectly working with universal remote control, if it doesn’t work then repeat the same procedure with the help of other code from the same part of the reference table list.

How to Program ILO TV Universal Remote With Code Search

If you do this, you can set your remote to the setup mode for a quick search of the code. There is a code in the manual which force the remote to go into search mode

  • Switch On the Device.
  • Hold and PRESS the Setup button.
  • Enter a three-digit code “9-9-1”.
  • Hold and Press the Power Button, then click the Channel up button until the tv “Turns Off”.

This method will take a little more time but it’s very important if you want to configure your device with the code search method.


We have put all the instructions for the universal remote for ILO TV on this site for your convenience. And if you think that we are missing anything about that, please leave a message in the comment section and also share your better experience with your families or fellows as well, thanks!