Xfinity Remote Codes 5 digit & Programming Guide

xfinity-remote-codes-5-digitIf you’re looking for Xfinity remote codes 5 digits. You’ll see the complete guide about Xfinity 5 digit codes. Use the following remote codes according to brands, XR11, XR5, and XR2 codes. These codes will help you to use your remote and program it to work with your TV or audio devices.

Once you’ve found your code you can follow the programming methods to pair the remote with your TV. See the bottom of the page.


Xfinity Remote Codes 5 Digit

Panasonic10250 , 10051
Sony11100 , 10000
Vizio11756 , 11758
LG 11265 , 10178
Sharp10165 , 10093
Samsung10060 , 10812
Toshiba11156 , 10156
Sanyo10159 , 10154

5 Digit XR11 Remote Codes for TV

12731 11178
11265 11993
11934 10856
11637 10700
11314 11530
12271 10032
10442 11032
11758 10017
11454 11756
12253 12246

5 Digit XR5 Remote Codes for TV

11454 11178
11993 11265
11934 11314
12731 11032
10700 11530
11637 10856
10178 10017
10442 11756
12271 11758
10032 12246

5 Digit XR11 Remote Codes for an Audio/Video Device

32676 31953
32284 33217

5 Digit XR5 Remote Codes for an Audio Video Device

32197 31953
33217 32676

5 Digit XR2 Remote Codes for TV

10856 11265
11756 11178
11530 11637
10037 11758
10700 11993
10442 10016
11934 11314
10178 11032
10032 10017

XR2 Xfinity Remote Codes 5 Digit for an Audio Video Device

31308 31518


How to Program Your Xfinity Remote To TV

  • “Turn On” your Television set
  • On your remote, “Press and Hold” the Setup key.
  • The “RED light” on the remote will turn green.
  • Use the number buttons on the remote, Enter the universal remote code.
  • When you enter the code, the LED Flashes Twice.
  • Push the “TV Power Button” on the remote.
  • You will see your TV “Turn off”, which means you have programmed the remote correctly.

How to Program Xfinity Remote Without Codes

All universal remote codes are scanned during the auto search process. Each code will be scanned one by one to find the correct code. Here are the instructions:

  • “Turn on” the smart device you wish to control with the universal remote, such as the TV.
  • “Start” the remote and tap the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL) for at least 3 seconds.
  • The LED light indicates the device is ready to program.
  • Put the remote close to the device and click on the “CH+” & “CH-“ buttons. Remote will show on/off signals.
  • Press the “up” or “down” key continuously till the device will turn off.
  • When you click on the “Power” key, the device should start.  Check to see if the device starts and try changing channels, if that works, your remote is programmed correctly.
  • You can now save the code by tapping the “Device” button. Once the code has been saved, the LED will blink twice.

Pairing Your Voice Remote With Your Xfinity TV Box

  • Put the Xfinity Voice Remote in front of your TV Box or Flex TV Box.
  • Press the A button.
  • Select the Remote “Setup” option on your TV
  • A message will appear asking, “Do you want your remote to control your TV volume and power?” Click Yes.
  • A notification will show you that your remote is now paired with a voice control. Following that, you will be asked to use your remote to control your TV.” Choose Yes.
  • Use the letters and numbers on the screen to type in the TV’s brand, if applicable. Click OK.
  • A notification should appear saying that your remote is now ready for pairing. Simply select OK.
  • Try to adjust the volume on your TV to ensure the pairing was successful.
  • If your remote allows you to adjust the volume. Select It Works
  • If you are unable to adjust the volume with your remote. Choose It Doesn’t Work