Hisense TV Remote Codes & Programming Guide (August 2023)

hisense-tv-remote-codesIllusions Inc is a famous company that designed the Hisense Universal Remote Control, which is extremely easy to use and feels like a real Hisense remote control. It has the same functions as the original one. You only need its code to pair it with your TV or device. so let’s check the Hisense tv remote codes

There are 3, 4, and 5 digits universal remote codes for Hisense tv, try each one by one until the system starts working.

Also, Hisense Universal Remote Control is easy to configure by following simple step guidelines. You can find them at the bottom of the codes list. There are no additional settings for this device, so you only need one time to configure it for the same device.

Many people have found success with this code: 0178


Hisense TV Remote Codes 3 digit


4 digit Hisense TV Universal Remote Codes 

0145 0227

5 digit Hisense TV Universal Remote Codes 


Brand Codes for Hisense TV

GE ( General Electric)0216 , 0182 , 0073
Westinghouse0077 , 0216 , 0073 , 2463 , 1176 , 3537 , 2503 , 1173 , 0004 , 2060 , 2464 , 0182 , 1016
Philips0223 , 0908 , 0819
One-For-All0216 , 0182 , 0073


How to Program Hisense TV Universal Remote Without Codes

With the auto search method, all universal remote codes are scanned via the scanning process. A single Hisense tv code is checked at a time to determine the correct remote code. Please follow the steps below:

  • Turn ON your universal remote to operate a smart device.
  • Press the device button at least 3 seconds. A LED light will appear.
  • Click the “CH+” and “CH-“ buttons. A signal will appear on the remote. To turn off the device, hold down the “up” or “down” key continuously.
  • Press on the “Power” key to check the code. Start the remote, then change the channel to check whether it is programmed correctly.
  •  Tap the “device” button. The code will be saved, A blinking LED will appear on the device to confirm the code was saved.

How to Program Hisense TV Universal Remote With Manual Method

If the above method may not work, A keycode can easily be programmed into a universal remote, and it also indicates the model of your system.

  • Activate the device.
  • Using “Hisense TV universal remote” select “TV”
  • Press and hold the “Setup button” of the universal remote until it flashes.
  •  Input the “Keycode” from the programming guide.
  • Then, just use your remote to “point at the TV” and hold “power” until it turns off
  • While the Screen turns off, simply press the “Power Button

All done, your TV now works with the universal remote, if it still doesn’t work then try repeating the same procedure using another code from the same part of the reference table.

How to Program Hisense TV Universal Remote With Code Search

In this method, the universal remote is used to search for the correct code. A manual code is used to enable the remote’s search mode.

  • Firstly, Turn on the device
  • Now press the “Setup” button
  • Enter the “9-9-1” code
  • Press the Power button then keeps pressing the channel up button until TV is turned off.

If you are unable to find your key code, it is very important to find the code to follow this method. After following the above procedures, the remote should work for all its functions. Our Hisense Device Universal Remote can be easily programmed using these three methods.


In this article, You can program your universal remote with your device and you’ll be able to enjoy watching all your favorite shows or other programs with one single remote control,

If need any further information, We will immediately fix your issue or any questions about Hisense systems, So share with your friends and families also leave a comment.