How to Program DIRECTV Remote to TV Guide


Today in this article, I’ve described all DirecTV remote programming methods, You can select according to your TV, Receiver, or Vizio TV once you’ve successfully set up the remote. You can enjoy a good viewing experience.


How to Program DirecTV Remote to TV

With this method, you can connect the DirecTV remote to tv.

  • Start by pressing the menu button on your remote control with your arrow keys scroll down to the settings part of the menu on the left side of your screen.
  • With your right arrow key scroll over to the right in the settings portion
  • Click until you see the option “Remote Control”
  • Now push “select” in the bottom of your screen
  • Pair/Program Remote
  • Select Change your TV
  • Now use the arrows key to scroll to the letters of your brand
  • Now I select I don’t know my model most of the time it works with the very first code if it didn’t work scroll down and select try next code.
  • Once the next code is selected test the volume
  • If you get the volume then you can select it to work
  • If you didn’t good luck and go over all your other codes

How to Program Remote to Your Receiver

  • Make sure that your receiver is powered on
  • if you’re having problems with your receiver, Push the red button to reset if you don’t have a red button unplug it and wait 20 seconds
  • Your remote control needs to have adequate batteries
  • You will have to push the select and the mute button at the same time and hold them until you see the light blink twice
  • Now you must enter 961
  • Push the channel key up and then push enter the remote will now program your direct tv receiver.

How to Program DirecTV Remote rc73 with your TV

This is another method of learning how to program the DIRECTV remote rc73 with the remote codes.

  •  Let’s find your DirecTV 5 digit remote code from the list
  • Switch on your TV and point the remote to the screen.
  • Press and hold the “Select” and “Mute” buttons until you see the LED light blinks 3 times.
  • Now enter 4 digit code for your device.
  • When you enter the code the LED light will blink two times.

It may take several attempts to enter remote codes as remote codes vary from model to model, repeat the process if the remote code was incorrect.

How to Program DirecTV Remote to Vizio tv

If you use DirecTV remote control on your Vizio TV, you can also use it for several different devices. This takes just a few minutes to set up and can help you in the long run. Using it, you can change channels and control volume on your Vizio television.

  • Find the model number from remote, which mention in the top left corner.
  • Access the Vizio direct tv code.
  • Choose the model and Type Brand name “Vizio” in the search box
  • Vizio televisions typically have the code 11756
  • On the remote control, select “TV” by sliding the “Mode Switch” button.
  • Continue pressing “Mute” and “Select” until the remote’s LED blinks twice. Then Release the buttons.
  • Enter the code for the Vizio TV

Once you’ve finished all the steps you’ll be able to use your remote with Vizio TV.

How to Manually Program Directv Remote to Your TV

  • Switch on your receiver and TV
  • Your remote’s ‘Mode switch’ should be set to TV
  • Find out the specific five-digit code through the tv codes for DirecTV remote
  • You must hold down the “Select and Mute buttons” until you see two green flashes on the remote control
  • Please enter your five-digit code
  • Check the device by increasing the volume If it works.
  • If you fail to see any change in volume, try another DIRECTV remote code.
  • Once again, press and hold the Select & Mute buttons until the green light on the remote flashes twice.
  • Switch to DIRECTV by resetting the mode switch.
  • Now you have successfully programmed the DIRECTV Universal remote.