Vizio Universal Remote Codes & Setup Guide

vizio-universal-remote-codesThe universal remote codes for Vizio tv are listed to make it possible for controlling up to four devices simultaneously. After checking these codes you’ll see the 3 methods that are used for how to program a universal remote to Vizio tv and remote setup. There are three, four, and five digits Vizio codes, which make the remote programmed with devices.

If you want to check the code in the table as soon as it starts working, just look at it immediately.


5 Digit Codes for Vizio Universal Remote

10178 10120
10864 10117
10885 11756

4 Digit Codes for Vizio Universal Remote

1758 1292
0117 1004
1017 1078
0205 0030
0128 0056
0178 1756

3 Digit Codes for Vizio Universal Remote

502 505
627 004
113 011

2 Digit Codes for Vizio Universal Remote

01 02
12 10
17 19

Vizio Audio Universal Remote Codes

0883 0600

Vizio DVD Universal Remote Codes

1500 1501
0382 1501
1419 0382

Vizio Wall Mount Universal Remote Codes


VIZIO Soundbar Remote Codes

1517 31517

VIZIO Blu-Ray Remote Codes

Let’s discuss the first method of how to connect Vizio remote to tv?


Program a Universal Remote to a Vizio tv Without Codes

All codes are automatically scanned by the universal remote for a Vizio smart TV during the scanning process. It scans one code at a time. In the given below, These are following:

  • Starting with Vizio remote programming.
  • Turn On the remote,  press the device button only for 3 seconds, until the LED light starts blinking and becomes ready to program.
  • Now tap the CH+ and CH- until it shows the On and Off signs.
  • Once you press the up or down keys the device will off.
  • By clicking on the Power key verify these codes.
  • Now change the channels to check if the remote is working fine.
  • Use the device button to save the code. The LED flash blink twice to authenticate the code has been stored.

How to Program Vizio Universal Remote With Manual Method

You can do a Vizio universal remote setup by using the keycode and it shows the model of equipment and also forces the keycode from the manual by providing the following methods.

  • Initially Turn on the Device.
  • By using Vizio universal remote switch on the TV.
  • Hold your Setup button and suddenly Light Flash turns on.
  • Select code from the keycodes table then types that code.
  • Bring the Vizio smart tv remote close to the device and keep pressing the Power Button.
  • When Screen is turned off you release the Power Button.

If this method is not working, repeat these steps by using other code selected at a time from the reference guide.

How to Program Vizio direct-tv remote code search

When you can’t find the keycodes, then, Set-up a universal remote to search mode. In manual codes the remote forces into the search mode.

  • Switch On the device.
  • Press the Setup button.
  • Type 3-digit codes 9-9-1.
  • From the remote hold down the Power button.
  • By pressing the Channel up button the device should be able to Turn off.

The above steps about Vizio universal tv codes for universal remote may take a while but are essential for key codes. To complete these steps, Your device remote should be working very well.

Vizio remote control code helps the remote to control devices in different ways to get home entertainment advantages. Multiple components can be controlled with one remote. That’s easy for you.