How to Program a GE Universal Remote without Codes 2023

After you have unpacked your GE universal remote control and installed two AAA batteries on it below, your first question is how to connect it to your tv and other devices. In some cases, if you can’t find a code that works with your device. In an alternative case, we use this method.

So let’s take a look, how to program a GE universal remote without codes or how to program a universal remote to a TV without codes.

how to program a universal remote to a tv without codes

How to Program a GE Universal Remote without Codes

Using this method takes a lot longer than the other method since it scans through all the codes in memory so if your code is stored at the end of the list it’s going to take some time because there’s a lot of codes in the memory.

To get started;

  • Press and hold setup until the red light comes ON

how to program a ge universal remote without codes

  • and then Press the Device we’re going to hypothetically be setting up a tv

how to program a general electric universal remote without codes

  • Now Press Power

how to program a ge universal remote to smart tv

  • By doing this, it keeps sending out 10 codes to the device to check every two seconds.

There is one important thing to remember about your device. If you want to program a remote for DVD somehow.

how to program ge remote to vizio tv

  • You’ll Press “Play Button” instead of power.

The remote must be pointed at the device at all times so the device can read the codes being sent from it.

What will happen here?

Programming Ge universal remote auto code search

  • A blinking light indicates that the cycle is completed to find the code. Each cycle will take two seconds.

During this process, keep your finger on the number one button.

How do you program a universal remote without a code

  • As soon as it reacts with light blinks and turns off, press the one button that locks that codes into storage.

if you happen to pass your code your “tv turns off” and the device spits out a couple more codes after your tv turned off you can push the setup button and that will reverse the direction of the codes.

It’ll circle back around to your code and when your tv turns off simply push the one button to start the process again.

Some codes partially work so If your device doesn’t respond to the first code that it receives. You’ll start the process all the way from the beginning just like I explained before.

If your code is at the end of the list then “well sorry about that” you have to let it circulate through to the first code when it turns off .

Let it keep going to the second code and then “push the one” on the second code and see if that code works any better.

When the second code doesn’t work, you’ll have to try the third code and so on.

It may take you up to four, five, or six tries to find the right code for your TV since you have to go through all the codes.

If you want to see all brands General Electric Remote Codes List

I just wanted to show you one more thing here;

The Master Volume Function

This feature allows you to select a single device a TV or Audio receiver.

so for example if you run the volume up and down and you don’t want it to control the tv volume instead.

You always want the audio component to control the volume of your soundbar amplifier or whatever.

that’s what this procedure does.

how to program a ge universal remote without codes

  • Press and Hold the setup again, LED light will blink.

how to program ge remote to dvd player

  • Press and hold the device button, If we already set the audio device to the cable sat button.

how to program ge universal remote to blu ray player

  • Press and release the mute button.

Program remote with ge tv

  • and now the last step, press the volume up button.

The light will blink twice now all set. Congratulations you’re now ready to hear sound on the DVD player.

if you want to undo this. Just do the same thing in reverse. 


  • Push “setup”, “cable”, “mute”, “volume down” and that restored it back to control with the tv.